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Room in Your Heart!

I swear, I hear the shimmer of a most captivating melody

From the direction of the sound, I think the music is being created within you & delivered ethereally ,

I place my ear against your skin and – I tell you! – the music gets a little clearer;

I move around you, meeting skin with skin, showering you with kisses, until the orchestral music surrounds me,

Like a man & a woman, surrounded by a wall of mesmerising sound & caught up in an eternal dance,

The music takes over you and me!

Each parting of lips and skin bringing a crescendo of sounds that quicken the pulse and fills the soul to overflowing with joy,

It is too bad, when this music comes to an end; not a song, nor a dance, but, something greater by far,

I now understand why people liken a full orchestral symphonic masterpiece at its most uplifting moments- to the act of making love!

Lost at Sea

Myth is a mystic;

She washes her waves over me;

Freezing cold, I shake like a rattle snake in my dreams,

Only to wake to find, life is not a dream;

I cautiously stand on a half-submerged float, amidst an intemperate sea;

Uninterrupted, in every direction, as far as one can see save for sky and sea,

Empty pails in every available space to collect fresh water, from a threatened rain that has yet to descend;

Keeping my footing, I climb the make-shift mast and shape my body into a crucifix facing the sky,

You could almost mistake the sound of lapping water, for the applause an acrobat receives at performance’s end;

Dark clouds and faint wisps of light mingle and compete for supremacy and dominion overhead,

While despair and loss are twin cruel cherubs, tormenting my gnawing hunger ‘n’ thirst for sport,

I close my eyes at hearing the rumble of thunder, signalling an end to the drawn-out competition above,

‘Please, some water…’, a cherished plea… too precious to be spoken aloud,

Lest it give sucre to my tormentors, and leave my already-ravaged will defenceless against their onslaught!

An exhaustion-ridden smile escapes my lips despite my extremity, as the first droplets of rain splatter across my cheek;

A clap of thunder and a downpour at a tropical, frantic, pace-

Like evenly-paced applause turning by ear alone to a standing ovation in an instant,

A sea of a million water sprouts: like a storm of needles, striking a sea of translucent bubble wrap, bursting in unison, ad infinitum, in-near muted silence:

I open my mouth, dehydrated to parchment, to receive this precious gift to prolong this life a little longer than expected,

A fragile grace in this hostile landscape, perhaps not enough to find landfall or rescue,

And, I may find myself repeating this exhaustive dessolate battle in a few days yet again,

Whatever happens, this gives me hope and that is nearly as sweet as swallowing this fresh water to nourish my innards, for a day longer at least!


Woman, thou art strange!

All your constituent parts fascinate me,

But, I can’t be a scientist every single moment of the day,

Some of your theories will drive a logician mad!

While anthropologists will wager on the hours till I probably snap!

It isn’t that bad if I am honest with you,

I am not that easy to live with, I know that to be true;

You’re hot and cold but never lukewarm:

Your loveliness brightens a room, so you’re very handy during a blackout!

You can throw that towel away, ’cause i’m not interested in throwing it in;

I doubt i’ll ever will-

-if you don’t happen to ring my neck with it first, that is!-

‘Cause you might just be the best thing that ever happened to me!

Cartwheels in the Storm

‘A storm in a teacup’, was one view aired;

It didn’t feel much like just a teacup overnight, to be fair!

Being kept awake listening to the wail and gale and seemingly unceasing gusts of wind!

Whoosh! Shoosh! Rattle! Hum! ‘n’ Groan!- hear those autumnal leaves literally scream ‘n’ shiver!

(Like sprats caught up in a trawler net; flapping every-which-way to prize free, though it be no use!)

Urging one to conclude: it’s a question of when, and not if, the roof will take off!?!

A shuddering thought;

Cause enough, to reluctantly, ease from a lover’s sleeping caress to see what havoc was at play outside?

Only to witness detritus freed from bins put out for collection, being whisked away like tumble-weed;

Inanimate objects becoming animate, like a party of poltergeists celebrating Halloween three days too early!

With the trees opposite our home trying their best to join in, by performing cartwheels-

And – once or twice – nearly succeeding!

No, this storm is unsuitable for a ‘teacup’ or saucer analogy, to be certain;

It was a near thing and left before it could have turned truly violent,

So, let us not dismiss or diminish it as just a bygone memory!

Law is a Weapon

The law is a double-edged sword that swings both ways;

Use it wisely, & you’ll be glad of it someday

‘Rush in haste, & repent at leisure’, they oft-say (and, in this context, it’s true!)

For the law is a man-made *process*, administered by fallible men (like you and me),

Not to be mistaken for deliverance from all the vicissitudes of life (in Shakespeare’s words)-,

By something akin to divinity!


A palace in the sky,

For you and I,

Away from all mankind,

‘Cause, we both need a break,

From all this struggle and strife,

It’s very hard work;

Keeping an armada of worries at bay,

With very little respite,

It’s an ordeal you didn’t volunteer for, I know,

Conscripted into the rank and file, by circumstance and love, I do realise,

While times may be hard and (occasionally) the battle may seem lost,

I promise you wholeheartedly, my darlin’:

In this great war for our lives-

You have joined the winning side!

Lanka Oh Lanka!

IMG_5793Lanka oh Lanka,

Though art so beautiful,

It’s not that I don’t know you,

But I feel I am only now beginning to discover the true beauty of you!

My observations may be a little naive, for I awakened to the realities of life far far away from you,

Thankfully, the animosities that arose then and stuck, have nothing much to do with you,

What I recall of this place consists of a mirage of fragmented images, textures, full of warmth, borne by the innate innocence and naivety of youth,

To the holder of these fragmented thoughts, standing under the shade of a mighty jack fruit tree (as he does now), the reality seems not too far from those long-remembered truths;

Leave this young adult to his momentary escapes, and the child that he was to his abiding memories;

Away from the full harsh scheme of this place,

For we all need to hope of a better place and a better time to keep a firm footing at times,

It is at the very core of what it means to be you and I!

A War-torn Week: A Retrospective

A war-torn landscape,

A significant show of faith,

New gun laws, end up being a non-law,

A week full of tragedy & pain, with no end,

Intercepted envelopes, laced with poison;

Foiled assassination attempts,

Coupled with indiscriminate violence,

Sink holes,

Shoot-outs, explosions, car-chases, a city-wide lock-down, and manhunts through the night,

While across the sea, an iron lady is laid to rest by over-the-top pageantry-

No one cried, save a grown man who holds the key to the treasury-

Perhaps, he was regretting a further downgrading by yet another credit agency!

A strange, unconnected, juxtaposited mix;

Leaving me thinking, is it the season of mad men (not the show) and craziness all-round?

All said and done, I have realised:

I pay far too much attention  to the news-

And, I’m going to *try* to go cold turkey from now on!

Living on a Cloud

One overcast day, I got to thinking:

If i lived on a cloud,

I would be without a home most of the time, in sunnier climbs

If I lived over the lands of Britannia & her Isles however, it would not be all that frequent at all,

I would be secure & content to live free & sail my home wherever i pleased,

Though i would likely avoid concentrations of human habitation on such days,

For the shades of my sprawling cloudy foundations, would tend to shimmer & reflect on each of the faces of the folks  below! 

Alas- the sight of so many (vitamin D-starved) gloomy faces, would do little to brighten up my reverie as I go about my own day!

Were I the selfish sort however, I would not care or dwell over-long on such thoughts however,

For I would be living on the *opposite side* to such arguably worthwhile antagonisms,

And facing a permanent clear blue sky basked in glorious sunlight!

All I’d need to worry about then is:

Acquiring a permanent tan (which, thankfully, I already have!) ;

And, catching the occasional cross-winds off-balance, so as not to fall off the edge!

Heaven forbid the latter, I beg!

For to bask in sun’s majesty at leisure in company, is a memorable holiday; 

But, to do so solitarily from vantage of a mobile cloud (I’d imagine) would, be, just, heavenly!