Living on a Cloud

One overcast day, I got to thinking:

If i lived on a cloud,

I would be without a home most of the time, in sunnier climbs

If I lived over the lands of Britannia & her Isles however, it would not be all that frequent at all,

I would be secure & content to live free & sail my home wherever i pleased,

Though i would likely avoid concentrations of human habitation on such days,

For the shades of my sprawling cloudy foundations, would tend to shimmer & reflect on each of the faces of the folks  below! 

Alas- the sight of so many (vitamin D-starved) gloomy faces, would do little to brighten up my reverie as I go about my own day!

Were I the selfish sort however, I would not care or dwell over-long on such thoughts however,

For I would be living on the *opposite side* to such arguably worthwhile antagonisms,

And facing a permanent clear blue sky basked in glorious sunlight!

All I’d need to worry about then is:

Acquiring a permanent tan (which, thankfully, I already have!) ;

And, catching the occasional cross-winds off-balance, so as not to fall off the edge!

Heaven forbid the latter, I beg!

For to bask in sun’s majesty at leisure in company, is a memorable holiday; 

But, to do so solitarily from vantage of a mobile cloud (I’d imagine) would, be, just, heavenly! 

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