RuIned by you

I know i’ve pitched my tent where others fear to tread

‘Fearless and refreshing,’

You called it when you were trying to get with me

I don’t say what I don’t mean

Nor, regret most things I’ve done

Especially, you

I know that’s not you 

And being in my reality was harder on you than me

‘Brave,’ you called me

Evidently, I am much more than you

I suppose we’ll both find out if what we had stands up to the rest 

Knowing you better than you know yourself right now

I know the rest will not compare to us

When you realise this for yourself,

I hope you can take it

For I don’t think I can… but I’ll have more time to sedate myself to this truth than you

And i shudder that it hasn’t even hit you yet

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