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Negan & Lucile #TheWalkingDead

Horror show reveals,
Blood-spattered consequences,
Every mad man has a madder version of themselves out there,
This one carries a barbed-wire encased baseball bat called ‘Lucile’;
The widow-maker!
Brutal wrecker of bone ‘n’sinew into pulp !
The crushing end!
Preceded by a showy extol of this baptism of fire;
That it is for a far greater purpose!
For the mad man is ultimately a showman,
With something of a car salesman about him!

He knows he must lead his band of miscreants by savage example,
For, when every form of violence is part of a daily, staple diet,
Both the living and the dead should learn to fear him and Lucile, most of all;
And, you are about to be set an example!

A ghost of a swallow on a perch,
Dark lining on a silver cloud,
See emotion drawing nearer and closing in around you like a noose,
Bringing with it the realisation for a erstwhile leader of a band,
Brought literally to his knees and facing an imminent fatality:
Your pride got us here;
Hubris, in other words,
You forgot that every action has a reaction:
Well, it is about to prove fatal to one of yours,
However will you cope with that burden now?

Submerged in a sea of barbaric violence for so long:
You thought you’ve been broken so many times before, you were immune to the pain by now,
You were wrong.

For a man is a parasite that is sustained by human bonds,
And you are about to have the equivalent of an arm deliberately crushed and rendered unusable,
To serve as a sorry reminder,
For you ‘n’ yours, and everyone else besides…
To remember:
Death carries a scythe, and Negan has Lucile!

Echo of a Song

A quiet moment,

Rarity, held in a palm;

A pulse,

Kept warm and safe;

Allowed to echo,

And, grow;

Into an enchantment,

Found within its song,

Now, cradling your soul;

Providing you solace,

Like a mother to a newborn,

Save, the roles have reversed in time,

The child has grown,

And, it is he who now holds your frail body,

Whispering words of comfort,

As you die.