A War-torn Week: A Retrospective

A war-torn landscape,

A significant show of faith,

New gun laws, end up being a non-law,

A week full of tragedy & pain, with no end,

Intercepted envelopes, laced with poison;

Foiled assassination attempts,

Coupled with indiscriminate violence,

Sink holes,

Shoot-outs, explosions, car-chases, a city-wide lock-down, and manhunts through the night,

While across the sea, an iron lady is laid to rest by over-the-top pageantry-

No one cried, save a grown man who holds the key to the treasury-

Perhaps, he was regretting a further downgrading by yet another credit agency!

A strange, unconnected, juxtaposited mix;

Leaving me thinking, is it the season of mad men (not the show) and craziness all-round?

All said and done, I have realised:

I pay far too much attention  to the news-

And, I’m going to *try* to go cold turkey from now on!

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