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Ramblers’ Love Songs

The gifted man

He carries a ukulele in his hand

Whenever the mood takes him

He takes to a lay-by 

And strums a tune that’s taken shape in his mind

He lives a ramblers’ life

And swears the earth whispers the tune to his spirit

Subliminally, between footfalls

To play it back to her to hear and enjoy

Upon a night, even the crickets have been heard to fall silent

As he keeps her company till dawn

When he falls asleep at daybreak

She keeps the shade over his eyes, 

To keep him from waking without a proper respite

This routine will continue until his final breath escapes him,

And is buried by those that find him 

To be welcomed into her arms.

Our Dance

Let me tune you into my frequency, for I’ve wondered into yours by simply watching you be

Draw in a little closer to me as you take my hand on the dance floor

And you’ll find we have the kind of rhythm that makes others stop in their tracks and stare

As we discover for ourselves that we have our own blend of body chemistry

That empties the packed dance floor save for just us two

Breathless, we leave each other as the music grudgingly comes to an end

But it is not an end but the beginning of a song only you and I can hear

With the two of us sharing the conductorship of an orchestra capable of playing the music, without end.