Black Russian Sips


It’s only the ones you know about,

I ran a train through our bedroom, while you were out working to pay the bills,

Is it still sadistic, if I only get a kick out of hurting you?

You don’t want to think about how it got this way,

You played your part in it,

And, yes, I did mine, too;

You must have known I wasn’t the faithful type,

You enjoyed the thrills that came with that tag,

Can’t be too surprised to find some drawbacks too;

The truth is:

You’d forgive me again, if you just let yourself,

So, just take a sip of this Black Russian,

And, start forgetting anew;

You’ve played the oblivious, dipsy wife this far,

You can keep playing it;

Baby, if you want me,

I’m afraid you’re gonna have to.

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