On my knees, I lay fallen at your feet

A single feather; stem broken, loosing its feathers one by one to the breeze  

The slightest shift in the direction of the wind,

Will see me wiped out

My existence is dependent on the grace of your kindness; the shelter to be found within it, should you chose to extend it

A choice that will stand you out to be a god among men, 

Without the deserving wide praise or fame by all;

Save for the gratitude of a single humble soul, 

That is me

In this age of being seen to be everything and nothing,

Will that suffice?

Once Were Savages

Once upon a time, we were all savages 

We will be again, if we let us be

Imagine the reality of the horror of that carnage for a moment,

Of killing and being killed, maimed, and leading the life that you lead now like that 

If you still think that is anything close to alright,

It is either your failure of imagination to grasp the true reality,

Or, this world is no longer a place I want to  continue living in.

RuIned by you

I know i’ve pitched my tent where others fear to tread

‘Fearless and refreshing,’

You called it when you were trying to get with me

I don’t say what I don’t mean

Nor, regret most things I’ve done

Especially, you

I know that’s not you 

And being in my reality was harder on you than me

‘Brave,’ you called me

Evidently, I am much more than you

I suppose we’ll both find out if what we had stands up to the rest 

Knowing you better than you know yourself right now

I know the rest will not compare to us

When you realise this for yourself,

I hope you can take it

For I don’t think I can… but I’ll have more time to sedate myself to this truth than you

And i shudder that it hasn’t even hit you yet

Ramblers’ Love Songs

The gifted man

He carries a ukulele in his hand

Whenever the mood takes him

He takes to a lay-by 

And strums a tune that’s taken shape in his mind

He lives a ramblers’ life

And swears the earth whispers the tune to his spirit

Subliminally, between footfalls

To play it back to her to hear and enjoy

Upon a night, even the crickets have been heard to fall silent

As he keeps her company till dawn

When he falls asleep at daybreak

She keeps the shade over his eyes, 

To keep him from waking without a proper respite

This routine will continue until his final breath escapes him,

And is buried by those that find him 

To be welcomed into her arms.


The savages love you

While their tattoos mock my supposedly more sophisticated ways,

As I witness their sharman, festooned in idols that rattle rhythmically, with every jerk of the head,

Officiate over a primitive ceremony to an ominously pulsing drone, supposedly to exorcise the demons in you,

With eyes stretched wide open enough, to carry more than a hint of madness and a pinch of malice,

In that intense glare, focused with intent.

I could not help but reflect this must not have been too far from what a human blood sacrifice in years past must have been

It was only when the knife flashed over your flat body that i realised that was exactly what it was

Alas, it was too late

And both of our lives had already been deemed forefeit