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Dinoris Bandara: The Snake Charmer of Hallawatha


I charm my snake, like I charm my women;

Wine and dine them on kottu and honeyed tea,

Take them home and mesmerise them with my bata-nalawa;

Follow the vibrations, in a rhythmic union;

Find her body taut and supple, smoother than snake skin,

With a pierced belly button and a stylised ‘payana’ tattoo on the back of her neck,

Subtle graces- a deliciously inviting smile- with a set of eyes that can make a Snake Charmer wanna die!

‘Who is the charmer and, who is the charmed?’, you might ask;

For, without even noticing, I have closed the distance between us to within striking distance,

The risk of death but an after-thought;

The realisation (albeit fleeting) came just in time to move away from a vicious fatal strike!

Lesson be, as lesson learnt, all snakes are dangerous (particularly the female variety),

But, i’ll be sure to forget it tomorrow, after another round of kottu and honey tea, with another girl!

Room in Your Heart!

I swear, I hear the shimmer of a most captivating melody

From the direction of the sound, I think the music is being created within you & delivered ethereally ,

I place my ear against your skin and – I tell you! – the music gets a little clearer;

I move around you, meeting skin with skin, showering you with kisses, until the orchestral music surrounds me,

Like a man & a woman, surrounded by a wall of mesmerising sound & caught up in an eternal dance,

The music takes over you and me!

Each parting of lips and skin bringing a crescendo of sounds that quicken the pulse and fills the soul to overflowing with joy,

It is too bad, when this music comes to an end; not a song, nor a dance, but, something greater by far,

I now understand why people liken a full orchestral symphonic masterpiece at its most uplifting moments- to the act of making love!