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Of Woman Kind

Woman is the cause,

Woman is the problem,

Woman is the solution,

Without women however,

Life is a non-immersive experience;

Women can however become an addiction,

Patronising as it may seem, here lies the problem:

If women were a drug,

It would explain a lot:

For, a few drugs are good for you,

Others are not,

Some are only to be experienced in proportion,

And, women, will probably say:

The same is also true of men, I’d imagine!

A Woman’s Love

A woman’s love is hard to find,

If you happen to be so fortunate to find it,

Treat it with care;

For, whatever else she may tell you in heated exchanges,

Or, to hurt you a little (like a child’s bite),

She loves you wholeheartedly without restraint,

An all consuming feat,

That leaves you speechless to behold;

So, please forgive her if she’s demonstrably possessive or reactionary at times,

For (as I believe she will confide in you in more sober times) she does not mean to be;

And in exchange for this, you must be her pillar,

To give her time!

Female of the Species


Woman, you’re a complex puzzle;

Quick to trigger your disapproval;

Slow to give your countenance or affection;

Even slower to forgive, and never forgotten,

I am not a misogynist,

For I *love* women (perhaps even more than you do!);

Your compassion is breathtaking;

Loyalty, remarkable;

And your ability to love unselfishly, is the greatest wonder of nature that has ever been found.

Dinoris Bandara: The Snake Charmer of Hallawatha


I charm my snake, like I charm my women;

Wine and dine them on kottu and honeyed tea,

Take them home and mesmerise them with my bata-nalawa;

Follow the vibrations, in a rhythmic union;

Find her body taut and supple, smoother than snake skin,

With a pierced belly button and a stylised ‘payana’ tattoo on the back of her neck,

Subtle graces- a deliciously inviting smile- with a set of eyes that can make a Snake Charmer wanna die!

‘Who is the charmer and, who is the charmed?’, you might ask;

For, without even noticing, I have closed the distance between us to within striking distance,

The risk of death but an after-thought;

The realisation (albeit fleeting) came just in time to move away from a vicious fatal strike!

Lesson be, as lesson learnt, all snakes are dangerous (particularly the female variety),

But, i’ll be sure to forget it tomorrow, after another round of kottu and honey tea, with another girl!