Cartwheels in the Storm

‘A storm in a teacup’, was one view aired;

It didn’t feel much like just a teacup overnight, to be fair!

Being kept awake listening to the wail and gale and seemingly unceasing gusts of wind!

Whoosh! Shoosh! Rattle! Hum! ‘n’ Groan!- hear those autumnal leaves literally scream ‘n’ shiver!

(Like sprats caught up in a trawler net; flapping every-which-way to prize free, though it be no use!)

Urging one to conclude: it’s a question of when, and not if, the roof will take off!?!

A shuddering thought;

Cause enough, to reluctantly, ease from a lover’s sleeping caress to see what havoc was at play outside?

Only to witness detritus freed from bins put out for collection, being whisked away like tumble-weed;

Inanimate objects becoming animate, like a party of poltergeists celebrating Halloween three days too early!

With the trees opposite our home trying their best to join in, by performing cartwheels-

And – once or twice – nearly succeeding!

No, this storm is unsuitable for a ‘teacup’ or saucer analogy, to be certain;

It was a near thing and left before it could have turned truly violent,

So, let us not dismiss or diminish it as just a bygone memory!

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