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Footprints in Time

‪Before the footprints we leave behind on the shoreline of time‬
‪Fill up with sea water‬
‪And are washed away entirely‬
‪Strive to write within their confines‬
‪The words to sprout roots‬
‪For their impression to remain‬
‪Even fleetingly intact‬
‪To inspire the imaginations of future generations,‬
‪As the words of the very best that came before us, have.‬

Echo of a Song

A quiet moment,

Rarity, held in a palm;

A pulse,

Kept warm and safe;

Allowed to echo,

And, grow;

Into an enchantment,

Found within its song,

Now, cradling your soul;

Providing you solace,

Like a mother to a newborn,

Save, the roles have reversed in time,

The child has grown,

And, it is he who now holds your frail body,

Whispering words of comfort,

As you die.



Don’t call me ‘baby’,

I’m your inspiration,

Your guardian, protector, carer and teacher, when you need me to be;

Steering you onto the right course if you veer off,

Your greatest creation;

The best investment you’ll ever have,

I’m your footprint in eternity,

And, your precious legacy;

Until my hour however, I need you to be mine;

And, i’ll come to call you ‘my everything’ in time!