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Moments in a Lifetime

Two young souls,

Each, in their own right:

Possessing unrestrained beauty,

Unleashed in a single glance,

Potent enough to shatter glass,

And liquify the fragments,

When they find each other,

As lovers do;

They create a thing of beauty far greater than their individual parts;

In that moment-

For life is but a series of moments attached to a bolas-

They can turn half the mortal world to jelly, with their story;

If only a moment, was not just a moment;

And, could be stretched to a lifetime;

A feat, very few have the patience to achieve,

As Romeo and Juliette found out, alas.

Manga Girl

She walked off the train:

An oriental doll wearing a short skirt, with cropped jet-black hair, and a determined expression;

Girl, you’re like a Manga Assassin walking off the comic book page;

Immaculate to look upon;

A jaw-dropping dragon tattoo along the entire length of one perfectly proportioned set of pins-

A coiled up serpent, disappearing beneath the fold of her skirt;

Leaving any man salivating for a full showing!

You make me forget my age for a moment,

Forget even that i’ve got a girl,

Returning me to a lust-struck teenager of yesteryear;

Throwing caution to the wind in abandonment,

Chasing tail;

Celebrating every success with glee-filled shuffle,

Taking all the put downs on the chin,

Living for the moment,

A far cry from recent creeping maturity!

However, as she walks off into the distance,

Being feverishly tailed by the memory of the boy that I was;

Forgetting the 9,999 reasons why he has no chance,

Naively hoping to make the luscious red lips of this object of affection, break out into a pearly white smile;

The man that I am, turns to the girl alongside (undoubtedly following the antics befalling within my line of sight with amusement):

‘Sweety, if I thought you had a chance… I’d let you’, she said with a mock sympathetic smile;

‘Easily’, I lied, ‘but, one dragon at home is enough’, I said while netting  my fingers through hers,

‘You better believe it’, she replied, returning a squeeze of the hand;

And, my wife and I continued on our journey home.

Flotilla of Stars

A lady walks onto the shore of a secluded lake,

Removes her clothes one by one,

And wades out into the water, before swimming to the middle at a gentle butterfly stroke;

Floating on the surface of the still lake,

Facing a midnight sky above,

Surely, meditating on the moon and its sublimity!

Reflecting the stars back like a mirror;

From far above, it must seem like:

This siren is being raised up, on a flotilla of stars!

To leave any extraterrestrial fascinated and awe-struck!

At this extraordinary creature cocooned in diamonds and offerings, precious beyond imagining;

For, I have been perched on a branch just 10 feet from terra firma and looking out all this while,

With camera in hand, in an aborted effort to photograph the night sky,

And, my jaw has long since dropped off !

But I am loathed to disturb these events and what they may portend, by trailing my camera on this remarkable beauty, and pressing ‘click’,

For, if there is any intelligent life in the galaxy with the means to travel across the stars,

There could not have been any better invitation to treat,

So, I may just witness first contact yet!

Female of the Species


Woman, you’re a complex puzzle;

Quick to trigger your disapproval;

Slow to give your countenance or affection;

Even slower to forgive, and never forgotten,

I am not a misogynist,

For I *love* women (perhaps even more than you do!);

Your compassion is breathtaking;

Loyalty, remarkable;

And your ability to love unselfishly, is the greatest wonder of nature that has ever been found.