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Female of the Species


Woman, you’re a complex puzzle;

Quick to trigger your disapproval;

Slow to give your countenance or affection;

Even slower to forgive, and never forgotten,

I am not a misogynist,

For I *love* women (perhaps even more than you do!);

Your compassion is breathtaking;

Loyalty, remarkable;

And your ability to love unselfishly, is the greatest wonder of nature that has ever been found.

Hole in the Heart

Watching you walk away;

In a stunned, shell-shocked hue;

Feeling like you’re leaving me nursing a hole in my heart in the shape of you,

Pain and memory work in concert, to remind me of what you were (or, were not) to me,

It can never be cured by any known medical ailment,

And, I will have to nurse and mind its crippling tendencies 24/7 to end of days,

A lover came and showed you a new way of being,

Now she’s walked away, it was almost like a visceral dream that’s left you longing and bemoaning;

It was good, it was bad, and it was in-between;

But it’s time to start over;

‘Cause, if you can feel anything at all;

You’ve got to get up and keep on;

You ain’t nowhere near the best, so you have to work harder than all the rest;

But, self-pittying means you’ve got more time than you need;

When, rest is for the dead, and you ain’t dead yet;

You’ve got to keep moving ’till you are.



Don’t call me ‘baby’,

I’m your inspiration,

Your guardian, protector, carer and teacher, when you need me to be;

Steering you onto the right course if you veer off,

Your greatest creation;

The best investment you’ll ever have,

I’m your footprint in eternity,

And, your precious legacy;

Until my hour however, I need you to be mine;

And, i’ll come to call you ‘my everything’ in time!

Room in Your Heart!

I swear, I hear the shimmer of a most captivating melody

From the direction of the sound, I think the music is being created within you & delivered ethereally ,

I place my ear against your skin and – I tell you! – the music gets a little clearer;

I move around you, meeting skin with skin, showering you with kisses, until the orchestral music surrounds me,

Like a man & a woman, surrounded by a wall of mesmerising sound & caught up in an eternal dance,

The music takes over you and me!

Each parting of lips and skin bringing a crescendo of sounds that quicken the pulse and fills the soul to overflowing with joy,

It is too bad, when this music comes to an end; not a song, nor a dance, but, something greater by far,

I now understand why people liken a full orchestral symphonic masterpiece at its most uplifting moments- to the act of making love!


Woman, thou art strange!

All your constituent parts fascinate me,

But, I can’t be a scientist every single moment of the day,

Some of your theories will drive a logician mad!

While anthropologists will wager on the hours till I probably snap!

It isn’t that bad if I am honest with you,

I am not that easy to live with, I know that to be true;

You’re hot and cold but never lukewarm:

Your loveliness brightens a room, so you’re very handy during a blackout!

You can throw that towel away, ’cause i’m not interested in throwing it in;

I doubt i’ll ever will-

-if you don’t happen to ring my neck with it first, that is!-

‘Cause you might just be the best thing that ever happened to me!

Defining Yourself

Who am i?

I am named ‘won’,

My mother named me while she was pregnant with me,

Out of hope, I trust;

I have inherited her worrisome qualities and love of words,

But i’d be hard-pressed to tell you what i’ve done,

Unremarkable to most,

Hapless, to others;

I find myself completely boring to reflect upon,

On the other hand:

My older brother is quiet, reflective and has read a lot!

My sister is dynamically-inclined, with a homeward-directed temper, to match!

My father is the bravest soul I have ever known,

Both my mother and my wife cajole and inspire me,

They say they see there’s more to me than I see in myself;

Unlikely as I feel this last sentiment is;

(And, occasionally have been known to lash out when I probably needn’t or shouldn’t have);

I love them all so very much;

So, wherever my story ends up,

I suppose one thing I have to unite my namesake and me, is:

I have ‘won’ my life and their love;

And should do with it the best I can.


Life is family; family is life,

Your harsh words hurt me more than any other’s, as you mean to me more than any other;

Your happiness is everything to me,

I remember you in my prayers… without fail,

And you are never too far from my thoughts… at all other times,

That is undoubtedly what it means to be family;

I know not what is the true religion (all, or none)

Or, if our actions this day dictate the cause and effect later in this life, the next, or none of the above;

However, what I firmly believe in is: family, is the only true religion in all of our lives;


If your life’s experiences are the words on a page by a writer; committing the heart-felt whispers of your conscience and soul to paper, with precision and alacrity-

Working, painstakingly towards a conclusion that will move you (on reflection) when you take your final bow,

Family is the narrative that gives you a measure of time; fuelling the pen into reaching the end, and evoking an abiding sense of fulfilment, when all is said and done;

So: treat your life like it’s your one and only chance to get your own life story right, the first time-

As over-revision and change tends to blur the lines on a page; and, the same is true in life-

Be brave – write boldly, write true, with relish and vigour, like no one else, but only you, can!