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Defining Yourself

Who am i?

I am named ‘won’,

My mother named me while she was pregnant with me,

Out of hope, I trust;

I have inherited her worrisome qualities and love of words,

But i’d be hard-pressed to tell you what i’ve done,

Unremarkable to most,

Hapless, to others;

I find myself completely boring to reflect upon,

On the other hand:

My older brother is quiet, reflective and has read a lot!

My sister is dynamically-inclined, with a homeward-directed temper, to match!

My father is the bravest soul I have ever known,

Both my mother and my wife cajole and inspire me,

They say they see there’s more to me than I see in myself;

Unlikely as I feel this last sentiment is;

(And, occasionally have been known to lash out when I probably needn’t or shouldn’t have);

I love them all so very much;

So, wherever my story ends up,

I suppose one thing I have to unite my namesake and me, is:

I have ‘won’ my life and their love;

And should do with it the best I can.