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A blissful start to the day,

Waking up tangled within a lover’s embrace,

Loosing track of:

Where she begins and you end;

You end and she begins,

A blur to the senses,

Reawakening of the sublime;

Leaving you wishing:

If only this moment could stretch out for eternity,

Placed within a snow globe,

Suspended in alkaline,

And put out for display:

To represent, what is surely the happiest moment of your life todate.

First Days of Spring

First day,

I felt the warm sun on my face,

Didn’t have to wear a overcoat,

Heard more ‘g’d mornings’ than I had been accustomed to,

Saw that the flower buds were peaking, readying to flower ‘n’ bloom,

Heard the birdsong of the morning more vividly than ever,

Noticed that I could watch the female form walk in various stages of undress, all day long;

Had to remind myself to act my age and not stare, more than a handful of times;

Spring does literally put a spring in everyone’s step;

Absence, obviously, makes the heart grown fonder;

And now that the sun has returned home from its winter wars in the south (as it usually does this time of the year),

We have more than the solitary letters home that kept our spirits up through the long winter months;

The northern hemisphere is about to turn en mass into a cult of sun worshippers,

For the next five months at least, before this faithful soldier goes off to war yet again,

When we’ll have only it’s irregular letters to keep us company over the cold winter months once more;

So, enjoy the view while you can,

Get out there:

Play, be merry, and catch-up on all the to-dos;

For everything is temporary,

And in these unpredictably inclement times (termed variously, as el nino, climate change, et al),

You never know if and when the sun may be recalled to the war front early.

A Woman’s Love

A woman’s love is hard to find,

If you happen to be so fortunate to find it,

Treat it with care;

For, whatever else she may tell you in heated exchanges,

Or, to hurt you a little (like a child’s bite),

She loves you wholeheartedly without restraint,

An all consuming feat,

That leaves you speechless to behold;

So, please forgive her if she’s demonstrably possessive or reactionary at times,

For (as I believe she will confide in you in more sober times) she does not mean to be;

And in exchange for this, you must be her pillar,

To give her time!

Antidote to Winter

Do you remember the sun?

Walking on a sandy beach with warmth bearing down,

A glazed sea, glistening and reflecting light;

As the sea shimmers, with each wave gently rolling in and out;

Warm sands crunching between your toes,

As you and I walk along the shore hand-in-hand;

It’s a marmalade day dream;

And, the only thing bitter is:

It’s not here, and now!

Tears to Overflow

Don’t be ashamed of your tears,

For they are not made remotely from you in the clouds,

But are the uttering of the soul within;

Turned to vapour and urged by emotion to rise,

Steaming up the windows,

Before streaking down;

It shows you are brimming and overflowing with life,

More in touch with everything around you,

Than words can possibly describe.