Life is family; family is life,

Your harsh words hurt me more than any other’s, as you mean to me more than any other;

Your happiness is everything to me,

I remember you in my prayers… without fail,

And you are never too far from my thoughts… at all other times,

That is undoubtedly what it means to be family;

I know not what is the true religion (all, or none)

Or, if our actions this day dictate the cause and effect later in this life, the next, or none of the above;

However, what I firmly believe in is: family, is the only true religion in all of our lives;


If your life’s experiences are the words on a page by a writer; committing the heart-felt whispers of your conscience and soul to paper, with precision and alacrity-

Working, painstakingly towards a conclusion that will move you (on reflection) when you take your final bow,

Family is the narrative that gives you a measure of time; fuelling the pen into reaching the end, and evoking an abiding sense of fulfilment, when all is said and done;

So: treat your life like it’s your one and only chance to get your own life story right, the first time-

As over-revision and change tends to blur the lines on a page; and, the same is true in life-

Be brave – write boldly, write true, with relish and vigour, like no one else, but only you, can!

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