Nothing is a surprise

Every action supplemented by-

Trickery, half-truths, feints, pretence & lies

Deniability, the weapon of choice-

Acquisition, strict control & protection of ‘controlled information’, their 24/7 obsession

Maintaining an inconsistent narrative (with hardly an affinity to fact or reality) under the guise of ‘plausibility’,

Overstating the one, undermining the other, whilst appearing to be neutral & maintaining detached professionalism to onlookers (when you’re anything but),

Professional deceivers, confidence men (and, women) of sorts!

You don’t think so? Arn’t you just the gullible sort!

Designed to conceal, cajole, embellish & undermine-

The primary tools in their belt of surprisingly few tools/resources, save a preponderance & an over saturation of lies ,

For us homosapiens have changed very little since the beginning of time!

Maintaining order, parliamentary democracy is their publically-avowed objective & purpose,

The truth however, is likely a little more complicated to be certain!

What means & methods are employed & margin of discretion entertained (like with all positions of authority) is likely very wide,

Dependent upon an individual’s grasp of what’s right, not, & propensity to tolerate lies,

I am not saying you cannot be a good man (or woman) or honourable and a spy,

But this necessary secrecy of their occupation is likely eroding their sense of self slowly from the inside;

A little more each day with each concealment & miss-direction, authorised,

Gradually, turning you into a hermit by stealth or borderline schizophrenic, over time,

Or, find comfort instead in your ‘tradecraft’-

By sharing your secrets among your inner circles, keeping to your codes and self-made rules:

Carefully designed to keep persistent questions at bay,

To buy you a restful night’s sleep,

To assure yourself that, by your actions; you were not a cruel man (or woman) yesterday, nor complicit in torture today,

All you have done is what is necessary (which another would have done in your place or had you passed up the opportunity),

And, you have the support & backing of your superiors at the HO, MoD & FCO!

That is all well & good, & I wish you a contended, un-interrupted, restful sleep if that is your view;

However, what happens on the day, when the rule of unintended consequences flies a spanner in the works of this well-oiled & practised machinery,

Laying bare all the titbits for public consumption?

Will they be delighted or find the whole affair distasteful?

Whatever their view, be sure to hear the clamour to the door as you absorb the pragmatic volt face in recrimination, of this erstwhile diligently practised stealthy art of war!


Woman, thou art strange!

All your constituent parts fascinate me,

But, I can’t be a scientist every single moment of the day,

Some of your theories will drive a logician mad!

While anthropologists will wager on the hours till I probably snap!

It isn’t that bad if I am honest with you,

I am not that easy to live with, I know that to be true;

You’re hot and cold but never lukewarm:

Your loveliness brightens a room, so you’re very handy during a blackout!

You can throw that towel away, ’cause i’m not interested in throwing it in;

I doubt i’ll ever will-

-if you don’t happen to ring my neck with it first, that is!-

‘Cause you might just be the best thing that ever happened to me!

Defining Yourself

Who am i?

I am named ‘won’,

My mother named me while she was pregnant with me,

Out of hope, I trust;

I have inherited her worrisome qualities and love of words,

But i’d be hard-pressed to tell you what i’ve done,

Unremarkable to most,

Hapless, to others;

I find myself completely boring to reflect upon,

On the other hand:

My older brother is quiet, reflective and has read a lot!

My sister is dynamically-inclined, with a homeward-directed temper, to match!

My father is the bravest soul I have ever known,

Both my mother and my wife cajole and inspire me,

They say they see there’s more to me than I see in myself;

Unlikely as I feel this last sentiment is;

(And, occasionally have been known to lash out when I probably needn’t or shouldn’t have);

I love them all so very much;

So, wherever my story ends up,

I suppose one thing I have to unite my namesake and me, is:

I have ‘won’ my life and their love;

And should do with it the best I can.


The crisp morning air,

Grass glazed over by frost, crunching beneath your feet;

Birds chirping & whistling their daily call to feed,

All of this under glorious sunshine bearing down,

Wait!- did someone forget to send the -clocks-going-back-means-winter memo out?

I’m not complaining, y’see;

I like this look in winter,

But, I’m just wondering:

Is this unexpected illumination a reassuring embrace by a departing, old friend;

Before a maddening winter truly descends, and hits us with full throttle, in the coming months?