Cartwheels in the Storm

‘A storm in a teacup’, was one view aired;

It didn’t feel much like just a teacup overnight, to be fair!

Being kept awake listening to the wail and gale and seemingly unceasing gusts of wind!

Whoosh! Shoosh! Rattle! Hum! ‘n’ Groan!- hear those autumnal leaves literally scream ‘n’ shiver!

(Like sprats caught up in a trawler net; flapping every-which-way to prize free, though it be no use!)

Urging one to conclude: it’s a question of when, and not if, the roof will take off!?!

A shuddering thought;

Cause enough, to reluctantly, ease from a lover’s sleeping caress to see what havoc was at play outside?

Only to witness detritus freed from bins put out for collection, being whisked away like tumble-weed;

Inanimate objects becoming animate, like a party of poltergeists celebrating Halloween three days too early!

With the trees opposite our home trying their best to join in, by performing cartwheels-

And – once or twice – nearly succeeding!

No, this storm is unsuitable for a ‘teacup’ or saucer analogy, to be certain;

It was a near thing and left before it could have turned truly violent,

So, let us not dismiss or diminish it as just a bygone memory!

Love Can(‘t)

Love *can* make you happy,

(Love *can’t* pay your rent)

It *can* warm your cockles through the night,

(It *can’t* put a permanent roof over your head)

Love *can* make you content

(Though it *cannot* buy you every which thing, you *think* you need)

Love *can* inspire you to acts of extraordinary courage or, create wondrous beauty,

(Though can you sustain this love with affection and genuine sincerity?)

It is entirely up to you and your loved one to see!

Bark of a Tree

Ash, Elm, Cedar & Oak- to mention but a few:

Us trees have outlived many over time;

Though we sense our time may soon be nigh

We have stood sentinel shimmering our leaves in tune with nature’s wind chimes!

We have given you shelter, warmth, h2o and helped to sustain your lives

Taken for granted, over time

We bear the scars of your casual disregard on our bark, stunted branches and leaves asphyxiated by your toxic by-products,

Some of our number enter the long hibernation and sleep of winter in health, but fail to wake in spring!

Human kind, can’t you see…?

You’re killing us and yourselves by this insatiable greed for one thing, or other, but never nought-

You were evolved to hunt but you have replaced the need to kill-to-live with hunger-to-consume all manner of in-necessities-

Our gravestone will read:

Tested by nature, savaged by humanity