City of Pygmies

This city stands in grand scale, near-eclipsing the sky

Huge monoliths of steel, glass & concrete;

Testing the boundaries of modernity’s ambition,

Vying against the known limitations of engineering & architecture: 

Like Stonehenge, the Pyramids, & the Taj Mahal, in ages gone by; 

Whereas the latter, were in praise of the rulers of life, death and/or the afterlife;

The former, are altars in praise of the God of wealth, opulence and an overt manifestation of self-pride

Delivered to you through acolytes, filled to the brim with avarice in their eyes; 

Termed variously as ‘art’, ‘impressive’ or ‘achievement’ by its followers:

Their ambition is to mesmerise, captivate, enthral; & seduce you into rapture,

To allow the proselytisers of this new religion to exploit, in converting new followers into believing:

Money, wealth and consumerism, is:

The meaning of life(!)

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