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Literal meaning of the term in all its forms!

Naive To Be True

The naive two

Reached out to each other 

As their fingers touched

Sparks flew 

Like spiderwebs of a lighting strike 

And the equivalent of thunder rolled in their souls 

To awaken them from every other peripheral distraction

As their eyes met

And their pupils dilated in synchronicity 

All they could see was each other, and no other

Fulfilling a prophesy that each had been long foretold was their destiny to realise,

But seemed far fetched to believe,

And neither let go of the other 

Either then or now

For, if none of us are naive to begin with

None would be brave enough

To unlock the fairytale that life has in store for us.

The Crown

A whirlpool develops around my heart,
As I watch on;
A kaleidoscope of monarch butterflies dances over her like a crown
In honour or celebration
Of a blessing from the lord of life
The rarest of sights: a natural apparition
Am I witnessing the missing link,
Between man and nature?
Then she sees me with those perfect eyes
And I felt myself being pulled into their centre
Under those green whirlpools
Into the eclipses at their centre
Only, I did not wish to come back up for air
If what I’d be coming up for;
Is a life before I witnessed that remarkable sight,
And what it means for all life.


Great plains,
Frozen lakes,
Dirt-smeared faces,
Crawling on all fours,
Pledging fealty,
In both fear and desperation;
To he who occupies,
The raised dias,
Great King of Kings,
Kubalai Khan!

The eternal blue sky’s mandate to conquer,
He inherited,
The diversity of his empire,
He embraced,
Through the prism of violent barbarity of his culture,
He enforced his authority

Throughout eternity does his deeds echo,
And the cog that turns the myth into legend,
Is studded with savage barbs,
To scar and bloody any who venture near,
For all time.

Moments in a Lifetime

Two young souls,

Each, in their own right:

Possessing unrestrained beauty,

Unleashed in a single glance,

Potent enough to shatter glass,

And liquify the fragments,

When they find each other,

As lovers do;

They create a thing of beauty far greater than their individual parts;

In that moment-

For life is but a series of moments attached to a bolas-

They can turn half the mortal world to jelly, with their story;

If only a moment, was not just a moment;

And, could be stretched to a lifetime;

A feat, very few have the patience to achieve,

As Romeo and Juliette found out, alas.