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The Trails of Sand Snakes

Whispers of the wind,

Carry across chasms,

Leaving lines etched on folds of sand,

Marking out the relief of dunes,

Steps, carved out in the shape of sand-snakes,

Traversing vast deserts;

Bearing imprints of the echo,

Left by the cries of the earth,

Leaving their mark,

Like reverberations of experience,

Casting lines of wisdom to adorn your face,

Gradually increasing their relief,

As you age.

Echo of a Song

A quiet moment,

Rarity, held in a palm;

A pulse,

Kept warm and safe;

Allowed to echo,

And, grow;

Into an enchantment,

Found within its song,

Now, cradling your soul;

Providing you solace,

Like a mother to a newborn,

Save, the roles have reversed in time,

The child has grown,

And, it is he who now holds your frail body,

Whispering words of comfort,

As you die.