The Trails of Sand Snakes

Whispers of the wind,

Carry across chasms,

Leaving lines etched on folds of sand,

Marking out the relief of dunes,

Steps, carved out in the shape of sand-snakes,

Traversing vast deserts;

Bearing imprints of the echo,

Left by the cries of the earth,

Leaving their mark,

Like reverberations of experience,

Casting lines of wisdom to adorn your face,

Gradually increasing their relief,

As you age.

Moments in a Lifetime

Two young souls,

Each, in their own right:

Possessing unrestrained beauty,

Unleashed in a single glance,

Potent enough to shatter glass,

And liquify the fragments,

When they find each other,

As lovers do;

They create a thing of beauty far greater than their individual parts;

In that moment-

For life is but a series of moments attached to a bolas-

They can turn half the mortal world to jelly, with their story;

If only a moment, was not just a moment;

And, could be stretched to a lifetime;

A feat, very few have the patience to achieve,

As Romeo and Juliette found out, alas.