A Meadow in Bloom

In the tapestry of memories of my mind, I dwell, waiting for you


Whilst I wait, I remember a walk in St James’ Park,


To an accompaniment of music delivered by nature’s, gentle, melodious  harp, 

With a flute harmony ‘n’ banjo thrown in, to accompany a pigeon pursuing another in walking, whirling circles;

In  lustful abandonment!

A chorus of sounds,

A tulip for your troubles; a rose, for its nettles; all beneath a silken sky,

Providing an animated backdrop, to an old-fashioned love story… stirring awake-

Like: a breath of air turning kindle gently into flame,

Two good friends began this walk, no longer *just* good friends, when its end came round,

Love, is a concept of loyalty, compassion, understanding & a term of art,

Populating the long halls of your memories with vivid master-works, like a prized gallery of vaunted treasures;

To occupy your restful days, with wonder, at a life spent in the company of beautiful souls (both within & without),

To reflect on the precious truth, that, is:

I have been truly blessed, for I have been loved.

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