Embers of Violence

Embers of violence burning bright

In the remains of a storm of virulent night

A creature wreathed in ambient glow; moving with stealth, intent and purpose, through a vista of sprawling carnage,

The wreckage doth be strewn every which way;

With survivor & survived, amongst devastation; still in the throws of a dazed, confused, befuddled display,

To a chorus of sounds voicing a thousand thousand ills,

Is the setting for a primeval tabula rasa of hunter, prey and kill

In this terrible melee, the echo of a multitude of screams do rise;

But, be they borne out of terror, fear, remorse or, brute violence, none yet have the wit to surmise,

What ever way the end cometh- it cometh, it’s true,

With  survivor & survived, left to  grieve, mourn, and move on:

Memories do fade, like what happened yesterday-

And, over time, are gradually reshaped to dull & mottle the bitter harsh light of that terrible day

Hard lessons learnt are eventually un-learnt,

Thus- when history repeats,  people are not forewarned & are left ill-prepared,

Therefore, it is not a conceit when  this creature of opportunity and violence is stirred awake in the wake of disaster once more;

When, the full circle complete, for this cycle at least, the beast is left unchallenged, to wreak havoc yet more!

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