Autumn Leaves

Look at these leaves!

Such wondrous shades of vivid colour: engaging your eyes in a dance- a final flutter, from the tail of summer,

To make you remember such wonders- to engender/keep hope- through the coming cold, desolate, days of bitter winter!

Like shades of sunshine captured within receptacles of nature’s memory; a gentle annual lecture, delivered by a kind and compassionately-minded  mother nature!

So all ye faithful and devout! Forget not this inconsistent summer just passed; and, its memories of travels and days spent basking in the sun!

However, be mindful of spending too much time in rapture looking up at this nature’s 4D display of technicolor or, caught-up in your own reverie!

For you will slip on these fallen leaves, so quick-to-turn wet, and cause yourself an (avoidable) injury!

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