Ode to truth

Each day is a reminder to me,

Each turn of the daylight wheel,

Brings you closer, day by day

Each friend I see; now coupled,now married, with children, and families of their own,

Each time I see them, I notice their children are a little more grown,

They call me by name, then uncle, ciya/grandpa or old man; until, finally, I’m gone

Remember parents with ageless beauty, both then and now-

Perhaps, that’s the affect of love bourne deep & strong

Each event is a repetition of what’s gone before:

Brought home increasingly swiftly to you, in neat-pocket size devices, in small bulletins to elicit rapture…until you move on…

My love, the implications of these words are hard to bear at times… I know;

Whatever cometh or happens in this life, let’s manage as best as we can.

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