The Writer of (Invisible) Woes

My word is my bond,

I lie not, ’cause I don’t know how

Instruct me and I won’t let you down

I switch between the concepts of ‘work to live’ & ‘live to work’ (to achieve that promised vow)!

Touch wood (touched)-it’s worked so far!

I believe in your cause, so you only need to use my depository of woes, & don’t worry an ounce more

When I write for you, I put myself in your place (look on things as you have been conditioned to believe and see)

Results can be good; but, you-tell-me! For all good things need to be reviewed & revised, before the end,

Your reward for your belief in my ability (in this)

Because, imperfect men (or women) in life are not imperfect in everything!

Note: Even a prized diamond is made from a lump of coal, eventually!

So, do be a little wary before you pre-judge, too much, The Writer of (Invisible) Woes!

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