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Pain into Art!

Absorb the unrelenting pain,

Whatever the cause;

The challenges it brings,

Consider and reflect;

Distil it,

To see what few others can;

Let it become an obsession,

Take great pains to turn it into something beautiful,

For, the best artistic endeavours are labours of love;

Pain is an inevitable part of both loving and living;

Mastering a source of unrelenting pain,

Beckoning creativity from it,

To transform into something breathtakingly beautiful,

Is another reason they call the end product,

Done well:

A ‘masterpiece’!

Standing Still

At a standstill,

Empty of thought,

A blank slate,

Like the moment before:

An artist creates,

Planer beholds,

A soldier engages,

Seeing in your mind’s eye what will be,

Before, engaging the body into action;

With competence,

Confidence and deftness,

Practised efficiency,


Channelling all your experiences,

What makes you unique in the cacophony,

Into one moment,

Faithful to the task at hand,

In pursuit of perfection,

For you (like I) owe it to justify your existence,

Even if it’s the one thing you truly believe in, or not.