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The Heavenly Body! #chocolate #mystery

Swimming beneath the surface of clear blue turquoise waters,

The gentle current above casting a muriel of sunlit patterns, up and down the length of you;

As you emerge carrying a conch shell picked up trawling the seabed,

More pebbles of sea water seem to hang onto your sun kissed bikini body,

Choosing to melt away than let go;

Like the attention of passers by,

Everything seems to have second thoughts letting go of you!

Can’t blame ’em:

It’s like watching a rare natural phenomenon;

You’ve turned this borderline saint into a full-fledged sinner with that body,

And I’d take a pass on a eternity of heaven,

To have another go on the merry-go-round with you,

She’s like the finest ice cream you’ve ever tasted,

With every look and smile cast your way, like biting into chocolate bits,

Would you give up chocolate to reserve your place in heaven?

I didn’t think so!