Female of the Species


Woman, you’re a complex puzzle;

Quick to trigger your disapproval;

Slow to give your countenance or affection;

Even slower to forgive, and never forgotten,

I am not a misogynist,

For I *love* women (perhaps even more than you do!);

Your compassion is breathtaking;

Loyalty, remarkable;

And your ability to love unselfishly, is the greatest wonder of nature that has ever been found.



An alcove in the pulsing heart of chaos,

A conclave of sanctuary against all the ‘visititudes of life’;

A place where you keep a firm grip on sanity;

Of who you are;

Gain a sense of reassurance from that singularity;

Calm the mind from restlessness, if nothing more;

Shaking off all the ill-will and distresses of the moment;

Then incrementally draw yourself into a state resembling calmness-

Much like awakening from a vivid dream, come the morning-

An infrequent exercise, most days;

Or, a few times a day during particularly challenging times;

It serves to prove, we all need a ‘fortress of solitude’,

A place to feel sheltered to recuperate;

From this present calamity, if not from all forms of harm;

Though we’d be the furthest thing to superman as you’ll likely find!