Wool & Fishbone

Home-spun wool, looped through fish bone, can’t sow your clothes now ;

A meal of suet and gristle stew, with hard bread, no longer makes your mouth water;

Chasing lambs, knocking cattle on their sides, tumbling down grassy hills ‘n’ vernes in fits of giggles;

Simple games of your youth and humble beginnings forgotten on the incline,

Uncomfortable truths give way to more comfortable prose, when the summit is in sight;

Never realising that the summit is a harsh, inhospitable and baron place;

With so many trampling over each other for a foothold, it’s home to none for too long;

And, courtesy and  humility are not character flaws to be ashamed of, or embarrassed by;

For, a pioneer with the much-envied ‘ace gene’ once said of their corollary- humbleness:

‘There is no act too small, for a truly big man’.

Pride of Nations

These carefully constructed treatise and concepts of sovereignty;

Are all but the allure of common courtesy and respectability;

Belying the animosity, hostility and unpalatable interplay that truly reigns between rulers;

Much like the relationship between rulers and their ruled, strictly behind closed doors-

(Characatured ‘In The Thick of It’, other satires, and hinted at in numerous resignations)

Perception is everything;

With occasional public airings proving to be highly damaging and embarrassing to the status quo;

When image invariably colours public opinion, and is normally determinitive of policy;

Much more is unseen, than seen;

And often times, war is engaged by stealth and is undeclared;

When this animosity spills over for public consumption however,

Pride of nations, often comes before a fall,

While on the other hand:

Such secrecy may be another reason a third great war has been avoided thus far;

Whether we should seek a change, requires immeasurable levels of trust between rulers,

When, evidently, there is none;

So, there is unlikely to be a credible alternative to the status quo, for now!

The Good-enough Guys

Good Guys versus Bad Guys;

It’s a simple tale told since the beginning of time;

The Good Guys can’t be good all the time,

And, turn into Bad Guys… sometimes,

Excuses are excuses, and become inexcusable, when:

The bad things the Good Guys do, turn out not to be just one-offs;

Revelations escape, like faint shafts of light through pinholes in the veil of secrecy,

Maintained in the name of national security, with intricate embroidery around each pinhole;

Trying desperately to disguise and deflect attention, that the veil is nought but a face-saving exercise!

Good-enough guys is what we seem to have ended up with,

And, I ask you in all sincerity:

Is that enough?