Hole in the Heart

Watching you walk away;

In a stunned, shell-shocked hue;

Feeling like you’re leaving me nursing a hole in my heart in the shape of you,

Pain and memory work in concert, to remind me of what you were (or, were not) to me,

It can never be cured by any known medical ailment,

And, I will have to nurse and mind its crippling tendencies 24/7 to end of days,

A lover came and showed you a new way of being,

Now she’s walked away, it was almost like a visceral dream that’s left you longing and bemoaning;

It was good, it was bad, and it was in-between;

But it’s time to start over;

‘Cause, if you can feel anything at all;

You’ve got to get up and keep on;

You ain’t nowhere near the best, so you have to work harder than all the rest;

But, self-pittying means you’ve got more time than you need;

When, rest is for the dead, and you ain’t dead yet;

You’ve got to keep moving ’till you are.

Fog of War


The fog of war has descended ;

Thick enough to overwhelm and blight the veneer of daylight,

Everything and nothing are the twin tools of a propagandist;

Believe not from whenst even the wind cometh;

Nor the sudden sharpness to the cold, tricking your goose bumps to rise;

Each act is a strand of a cloak of many colours or none;

Obfuscation has no limitations y’see,

And your continued naivety unto oblivion if necessary, is the only prize!