Law is a Weapon

The law is a double-edged sword that swings both ways;

Use it wisely, & you’ll be glad of it someday

‘Rush in haste, & repent at leisure’, they oft-say (and, in this context, it’s true!)

For the law is a man-made *process*, administered by fallible men (like you and me),

Not to be mistaken for deliverance from all the vicissitudes of life (in Shakespeare’s words)-,

By something akin to divinity!


A palace in the sky,

For you and I,

Away from all mankind,

‘Cause, we both need a break,

From all this struggle and strife,

It’s very hard work;

Keeping an armada of worries at bay,

With very little respite,

It’s an ordeal you didn’t volunteer for, I know,

Conscripted into the rank and file, by circumstance and love, I do realise,

While times may be hard and (occasionally) the battle may seem lost,

I promise you wholeheartedly, my darlin’:

In this great war for our lives-

You have joined the winning side!