A War-torn Week: A Retrospective

A war-torn landscape,

A significant show of faith,

New gun laws, end up being a non-law,

A week full of tragedy & pain, with no end,

Intercepted envelopes, laced with poison;

Foiled assassination attempts,

Coupled with indiscriminate violence,

Sink holes,

Shoot-outs, explosions, car-chases, a city-wide lock-down, and manhunts through the night,

While across the sea, an iron lady is laid to rest by over-the-top pageantry-

No one cried, save a grown man who holds the key to the treasury-

Perhaps, he was regretting a further downgrading by yet another credit agency!

A strange, unconnected, juxtaposited mix;

Leaving me thinking, is it the season of mad men (not the show) and craziness all-round?

All said and done, I have realised:

I pay far too much attention  to the news-

And, I’m going to *try* to go cold turkey from now on!


The Scarecrow Outside My Window
The Scarecrow Outside My Window

There’s a scarecrow outside my window,

It’s always bobbing from side to side in the wind,

A bit scary in winter, when its bones are exposed,

And truly terrifying in the long nights, when shadows join it in its dance ‘n’ play,

Never the less, it does what a scarecrow is meant to do:

Keeping nightmares, predators, opportunists and thieves in the night at bay,

And occasionally taps on my window, to let me know that it’s there,

Providing this man-made-child a reassuring, restful, night’s sleep,

In spring, my scarecrow sprouts leaves which he uses to sing a rustling, bustling hymn…

To keep us company through the summer days in celebration of its return to flesh!

My Daddy says he’s a grumpy ol’ sod for messing up his shiney new car with his poop, oily bits and what-not,

Though I love him all the same, ’cause he’s the only scarecrow I got,

And if you look around outside, you’ll see that I’m not the only kid who does!!! 🙂