There, she stood resplendent in ivory pearls,

High heels and shimmering silks, framing a beautiful face with luscious curls

Nestling a smile so divine (I’m sure) it can turn even ancient stone pillars to chime-

I thought:  my God, this *is* a beautiful world; have I been deaf, dumb & blind for all this time!

When you walked up to me and whispered a simple ‘do tell sir, have I dressed to please?’,

My heart involuntarily skipped a beat beginning all of a sudden  to bloom n sing- like a flower bud at the arrival of spring; giving voice to never before heard vocal strings,

A song so captivating, it threatened to bring my heart to the brink,

Echoing this never-before-heard song, through long abandoned chambers of my erstwhile absent heart ,

Through all of this bliss, I managed to reply: ‘M’lady, though art as beautiful… as beauty can be’

A searching look, an inquisitive-sarcastic  smile (as her fingers intertwined with mine),

Then, a more hesitant look and she squeezed my hand tight whilst saying, ‘My Lord, these manacles, once clasped, have been forged not to release nor give way’

‘M’lady, let them keep hold for all time for I am your prisoner-‘ and as I returned the hold, gently swinging her hands (still held tightly in mine) around the small of her back, in an embrace, bringing her closer to me with a mischevous smile, I concluded: ‘- and you are MINE!’

A melodious laugh, an embrace returned with a kiss, may be two; now let us leave this couple to their privacy; for life is full of ups and downs but this moment of truth is deserving of privacy of just two.


I am an artist at heart

If I could, I would paint you with stars,

Use a shawl made of midnight clouds to cover your modesty

The moon as a light to accentuate your beauty

I would reach around the earth, and steal the sun from the daylight sky

And place it within your portrait, to represent your heart,

To cover you with iridescent  glow! Like you are, in life!

A portrait to cover the sky,

At night, yes!

As,  I’d rather not everyone see your true beauty-

Because, you are mine!

Dinoris Bandara: Welcome to EngaLAND!

They call me ‘Banda’ and I come from the island of Sri Lanka!

I eat salted, devilled fish the locals call ‘karawalla’,

It smells like a dead, decomposing motha fucka!

But it’s tasty like your salted bacon, yet better!

So, come round & be like a cannibal tribe…

Devouring each other, left salted & smelling foul like (sum of ’em) were in life!

We elect our victim by a vote of majority,

‘Cause we wanna get our seat in the UN General Assembly,

And spread our own version of democracy!

So, let’s get together and eat some foul smelling tasty grub!

And, I promise you, if I’m elected, I won’t let you down!