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Dinoris Bandara: ‘Sudda’

Sudda be as sudda does,

(Like Jamis aiyya: is too clever by ‘alf!)

Understated or refreshingly  frank,

(Like Arlawathie, with a giant mortar and pestol to hand- tharaheng wage kotane!)

With a sense of entitlement,

(Like that uda gedara nona swanning around her husband’s brand new car!) ,

They think it’s a matter of class

(But what’s classy here, is not classy there: like a wesi here, is a light-weight wannabe there!)

Fanned & conditioned over many multiple generations,

(They have the aristocracy, the in-betweeners & the pretenders – and so do we!)

They exaggerate the achievements in their history, diminish the atrocities

(Like Mahinda aiyya, addressing the UN General Assembly- hari hari eka podak vadi!)

And taken root & hibernating next to the core of their supposedly unique identity!

(Just to reiterate: the war needed an end, and an end we got…so let’s move on!)

Creating a bit of an ego & languidity, that’ll rear its head given a chance

(Though they’ll admit to it, not!)

They are the beneficiaries of advantage afforded to them courtesy of history ,

(The foundation of their arrogance and presumptuous hypocrisy!)

Then, again, the world over, some things remain the same:

The young explore for they are naturally inclined to be fascinated (not deterred) by difference, which they regard as extraordinary;

(Only to realise, over time, things are not as unique nor as different as you first believed them to be!)

The old return home for they crave  stability and certainty,

(Only to find, home is not what they remembered it being!)

Whatever said and done be you suddu, kalu or neither:

There is more that unites than divides, the Sudda & You!

Dinoris Bandara: Welcome to EngaLAND!

They call me ‘Banda’ and I come from the island of Sri Lanka!

I eat salted, devilled fish the locals call ‘karawalla’,

It smells like a dead, decomposing motha fucka!

But it’s tasty like your salted bacon, yet better!

So, come round & be like a cannibal tribe…

Devouring each other, left salted & smelling foul like (sum of ’em) were in life!

We elect our victim by a vote of majority,

‘Cause we wanna get our seat in the UN General Assembly,

And spread our own version of democracy!

So, let’s get together and eat some foul smelling tasty grub!

And, I promise you, if I’m elected, I won’t let you down!