The Afghan War

Brambles in Tears

A farce- a farce- it was all a bit of a farce!

Retribution- retribution-  they now say, it was all for retribution!

Ten years- ten years- at a cost of a trillion dollars & counting!

Millionaires- millionaires- war mongers turned millionaires;

For each shell- each shell- costs as much as my rent, at wholesale!

The dead- the dead- so many left dead & mauled

The grief- the grief- enough to swell an ocean of tears

The lies- the lies- a trillion trillion lies!

Alas, what lessons have been learnt, for this commoner and his words?

The new white man’s burden is to wage war in the name of lies;

Propagate this in a variety of ways, a countless countless times;

To corner us with so many words, until we are bound to believe they’re not actually lies;

But, truth behold, when bodies come home & people are left to rebuild their lives;

Only to find that there is no work- & the land, & it’s people, are left humbled & in debt for (what maybe) all time!

As you struggle to meet ends, know this is certain:

The war mongers & propagators of this false economy, do swim in vast pools of clear blue luxury;

But, if they would close their eyes, for a little longer than they’d mind;

They’d see that they be swimming in pools of human blood, borne out of their lies

Unlike you & me; their sins do stain deeper than they care to believe & takes more than a power-shower & vigorous scrubbing to cleanse!

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