Sleeping Addictions!

Sleeping alone, can be addictive y’know:

Freedom to roam, the bumpy plains of comfort and warmth!

No cold feet or upstarts, to disturb your slumber!

Yes- anathema is company- To solitarily recharge in uninterrupted luxury!

Such commodities (like to sleep and recharge) are luxuries taken for grant:

For example- my friend Steve, he finds it impossible to sleep except in threes, fours (or more);

Deep subconscious abandonment issues for sure, the cause,

But it means that he’s become a philanderer of sorts;

For, aside from one, at most two, his bedroom companions don’t appear to want or need sleep

Instead, choosing to stay up and play adult games and – yes! – even hopscotch &/or hide ‘n’ seek!

Steve, always being happy to oblige, doesn’t seem to get much sleep, even in the company of 9!

A few times he’d tried to up the number to 12 or 13-

Yet, again, sleep evaded him, for his marbles were throbbing!

Alas, what to do when one man’s curse is another’s muse!

In a rare moment of sympathy, this author had suggested to get some sleep therapy,

Regrettably, it didn’t work out-

For the therapist was comely, and though her efforts had at first been sincere, neither had had any sleep that night!

Now, don’t be too blue for Steve;

For he and the therapist, Isabelle, have now been wed for four years;

They work as sleep & sex therapists;

And have become quite well known-

Working out of plush offices, off the King’s Road!

Sleep, you say? No, there’s no conceit, deceit or any of that foul play;

For Steve now sleeps soundly at night, in the company of his wife and their child!

Alas, the same is not true for me-

I am now old, and regret that I missed my opportunity-

By selfishly refusing to fulfil my need for company!

 Regret & sorrow, alas, are not very comfortable bedfellows!

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