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The Many Lives of An Ant

I am but an ant, looking up at the night sky trying to make sense of the stars;

A simple admirer of the written word, marvelling at the trials and tribulations masterfully depicted in the works of Shakespeare;

An honest family man, watching on at the antics of Machiavelli’s brood, nursing a slow-burning flame of anger threatening to turn into wildfire;

A hypochondriac marvelling at a physician delivering exactly what the doctor had described, only to long for an ‘undo’ when there is just no-can-do;

A starved, malnourished man, struggling to keep eyes open, within an alarmingly-thin skeletal frame, being forced to look on as you and I engorge ourselves on food in front of the TV;

A highly-educated professional working 14 to 16 hours a day to meet commitments, watching on as a life-long layabout wins £150 million on the Lottery and turns a new leaf of acceptability, receiving universal popularity and praise;

A War Leader amidst the utter devastation of battle marshalling the troops to move in for the kill, suddenly coming to an epipheny of peace;

You and I have lived many lives unto this moment, if the laws of rebirth and karma are to be believed;

Who ever you are or whatever you’ve done, individuality (rather than the pack mentality) appears to be the key to progress and longevity-

However far we have come, is still not as far as we must go,

We must therefore strive to be true at every juncture:

To others, and to you.