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Collect all of your happy
In one basket of merry
Drench it in port cherry
And plenty of alchy bevys

Neck it down in one
To make your mind swim
In a wad of sticky honey

Floating to the surface
With all the other intoxicated fishes
For this is a union of bliss,
An orgy for the masses,
Jumping in tandem in the mosh pit of life
To reach the ultimate group high

Then even out on the plateau
And steer each other gently on the decline
Bringing you back to reality
Without a hiccup

Rather than tripping,
While skipping steps,
On the spiral stairway down
‘Cause them be friends,
You’d do good to keep around

Final Game!

Churning stomachs,

Frayed nerves,

A rollercoaster-ride with each ball,

Whack-it, smack-it, glide-it into/over the boundary;

Keep the runs ticking;

Whatever you do, just don’t give your wicket away!!

Watching your team play a world cup final, can seem like experiencing a near-apoplectic nightmare!

Suddenly however, the tension eases:

When you see your opponents are far more tense than you are;

When all goes well;

And, lady luck shines her spell,

The elation hits you for a six so high,

You don’t ever want to come down!