Trojan Horse

Reborn in a firestorm;

Trapped within the cooled embers,

Shaped into a trojan horse,

Unremarkable to look on,

Learning to observe the minutiae from the interior;

Of all the happenings in the exterior,

Unable to partake and forgotten by the wayside,

Learning the reality of the surroundings within the neglected irrelevance;

Until you’re ready to walk beyond your enclosure,

Like a child’s tentative first steps unaided,

To walk, run, work and play, avoiding the potholes;

Demonstrate the sum total of your observations and experiences,

To add your unique perspective to the mix;

And, yield maximum impact.

The Celestial Garden

I feel myself inexplicably reaching for the stars,

The vast eternity that peppers the night sky,

Brightest petals of the celestial wilderness that lies beyond,

Everything has its season,

Theirs is measured in millennia;

Pick apart the petals,

Measure it to your soul – the very essence of your being,

Feel it resonate like a calling,

Draw solace to face the reality:

You are but a bee on a flower of blue,

In a vast garden stretching beyond imagining;

I cannot help but agree with the proposition, therefore:

We were never meant to dwell on this flower alone;

How about you?