Ripples of History

All of us are here, by coincidence of history!

Manipulation of self, the creed of our authority!

A tortuous journey, requiring considerable fortitude

And, eventually, an end (whatever your stance on such matters & if you’d allow yourself to be honest:) filled with considerable uncertainty,

Praise indeed for your aspirations for (or, achievements during)  the grand schemes of your life, that hopefully bring much happiness and joy!

But do not chide or ridicule other men’s journeys, for this is (according to some theories) only a cycle destined to repeat ad infinitum (or not) meaning you may find yourself in their shoes!


I’m rolling down a mountain,

Jagged stones taking turns to cut me up from all sides,

A whirl of thunder & pain, rocking my very core off its hinges like an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.9,

I am battered & bruised all over by this unceasing ordeal, with no end to it in sight,

O’ father, bring me relief for this is all too much for one man to abide!

The answer, he knew, in spite of his present tumult:

Son, this is life…

So, you must tuck your head in, and -somehow – survive!