Sunset ‘n’ Peaches!

A sunset outside my window,

Reminds me of my insatiable appetite for FRUIT!

Yes! Where the rest img_1485.JPGwould see mingling clouds, framing a sun in the midst of gradual retreat, to an encroaching night;

I see: Oranges, Peaches, Raspberries on a floating,  up-ended, bowl of diced fruit- sitting pretty on a vast bowl of diminishing blue;

Drawing a peachy, syrupy, sweet, canvas around a big, ripe Satsuma centrepiece…

About to be eaten by the selfish bowl within which it sits (so mouth-watering does it look!),

The rest of the delicious mix is loathed to let go, and is being pulled into a gullet somewhere along the bowl’s rim, I’m sure!

Quick! Quick! Before my competitor finishes and belches the remains of the day!

Hand me a big spoon so I may scoop-up this delicious display!

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