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While David Battles Goliath!

A spine of steal,

Beneath a mummer’s face,

Shrewd, wiley and full of cunning;

Observant and perceptive;

Singularly, self-serving;

Topped by an unshakeable self-belief,

All, qualities, aspired for and shared,

By schizophrenics, leaders of industry and celebrity alike;

While mad David battles Goliath,

What is the bystander who shares none of these qualities to do?

Dodge the stones and swings thrown askance,

Guard your modest flock and home,

Take comfort from the simple pleasures others tend to overlook:

Like watching the sun rise and fall in changing hues,

Casting reflections on a tepid stream that abuts your home,

Taking modest sips to quench the thirst of you and yours,

Ensuring you’ll have enough to sustain you today and  tomorrow,

And, hope and pray that others further up the stream do the same,

Appreciating the gospel truth:

By the grace of God, be I and mine;

For horror and suffering are bottomless pits,

And I must tend my flock as best as I can with what I have,

Until I take the final bow from this minor re-occurring role at the theatre of life.