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Errant words in disarray;

I grasp for them futilely,

I yearn for focus but it is ever illusory;

I feel over-burdened at times, by the task ahead,

My only salvation is that I am not alone in this,

And those that rely on them, rely on me (in varying degrees of necessity);

For, in this inherently uncertain world;

It is the great responsibility that shudders you awake from helpless reverie,

Sometimes, that is all you need:

A millisecond of clarity within a thick fog of uncertainty,

To catch a glimpse of the path ahead, and restore momentary focus and determination,

For the rest, I have always been a stubborn, arrogant, brute, to do anything other than the way I see it;

And age hasn’t seemed to have dulled this sense;

So, I have thrown my dice in this great game and path of life thus;

Have you?