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Would you feel more comfortable if I turned a shade more lighter?

Make the timbre of my voice more oak than teak, so it would ring a little more familiar?

Does it irritate when i speak of customs, traditions, gods & celebrations of foreign climbs?

Do you truly believe in a multi-ethnic & pluralistic identity or prefer a monothistic way of life (where all look, do & say like you than i)?

Travelling through modern day inner city Britain, do you become concerned all of a sudden that you are the only white Anglo Saxon within sight?

An over-saturation of numbers & unfamiliar – foreign – faces;

Gradually, turning your ancestral home into a foreign, third world, annex-

In the heart of western decadence, wealth & profligacy,

Sleepwalking you out of a home & stealthily de-possessing you of your identity,

Engulfing what was once ‘Great’ in Great Britain in times gone by,

Turning it unrecognisable, full of unfamiliar sights & sounds-

Far removed from the place you used to call home, with pride, since you were a child?

Then make your long held-back plea, out of a misguided adherence to political correctness & courtesy,

Now finally demands airing in hushed fervent hope –

‘Oh, Queen & Country, your grand majesty, restore pride to our people; be rid of this resent infestation of foreign discolouration!’

‘Do this & our Greatness will be restored once more, to rule the waves with pride, again!’

‘Where will they go?’, an unhelpful voice utters-

‘I care not, just be rid of them- that is all!’, came the swift reply with gusto and whim

If you feel this way, i hate to break it to you:

If these ‘foreign’ faces were made to disappear overnight, you would be rapidly increasing this country’s decent into terminal financial decline-

Yes, that may mean very little (if anything) to you, but imagine for one moment that you wake one day to find martial law has been declared-

For the government has no money to pay the million plus (& more) permanent jobless nor for those maintaining essential services,

And, has had to keep the hungry & disgruntled at bay by strength of arms-

Any savings will soon be exhausted or rendered of no value, and your assets (if any) will struggle to find a buyer –

Making life far more difficult to lead than even in the present difficult & demanding economic times,

Yes, I agree, I do not know this for certain,

My hypothesis is a guess, just like yours, conditioned by my experiences,

And, what will happen in either case, I (wholeheartedly) agree, no one knows for certain,

But, if you truly love this country, as I do, would you really tolerate such intolerable possibilities & ruination, because of colour & comparatively minor differences?

Only you, and time, will tell, I suppose.