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A Fool’s Errand

Plenty have tried,

Few have succeeded, they say;

‘Cause, you can’t change people,

You’ll be a fool to try;

I wonder:

How are we all still here, then?

It can’t just be coincidence, surely!

Perhaps, it’s influencing the habits;

Linking need to goals;

For, people ultimately change only if they chose to,

All you can do meanwhile, is:

Earnestly, advise.

Circles We Roam

The circles we move in,

Are not circles but squares,

Keeping to the corners,

Feeling isolated from the rest;

Like we were eccentric millionaires,

Except poorer by some measures,

Richer in others,

Who are we to adjudge-

Be it circle, square or triangle and your place therein-

When you are the one feeling left-out?

Self-indulgence and narcissism bring their own poverty;

For, whatever your station in life-

(Real, perceived, envied or longed for),

You cannot help wanting to belong.