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The Porcelain Doll

On the midnight train watching the world pass by;

You’re a porcelain doll sitting opposite,

Subtly, dolled up to the nines,

With eyes vaguely blood shot,

Shedding tears of sadness,

For a loved one no doubt,

Trying your best to wipe them away on your sleeve,

Yet they just won’t stem the flow,

A kindly black lady beside me offers up a entire pack of tissues,

And, you accept it with a graceful ‘Thank you’,

Managing a embarrassed smile somehow;

We may not be a homogeneous whole (if we ever were),

We are though part of a collegiate,

Of common courtesy,

To observe from a distance and not overly pry,

And, I’m proud to call it my second home:

London town.

Final Showdown

A figure stands sentry bathed in moonlight,

It’s a crescent moon;

So the light is not as bright as on some nights,

Frozen marshes span out to either side of him,

With piercing winds whipping and buffeting what little clothing he has on,

Leaving bare skin numb,

Pain follows,

As the cold absorbs into flesh,

Beginning from feet and head,

In an inexorable journey,

To meet in the middle;

A pincer movement,

Bringing terminal decline to the host at reunion,

What spell is this sentry under,

To permit this grim inevitability?

Perhaps, nothing;

Perhaps, everything;

For, journey’s end is always ugly,

And it is your character that denotes,

How you will face the final showdown.