Footprints in Time

‪Before the footprints we leave behind on the shoreline of time‬
‪Fill up with sea water‬
‪And are washed away entirely‬
‪Strive to write within their confines‬
‪The words to sprout roots‬
‪For their impression to remain‬
‪Even fleetingly intact‬
‪To inspire the imaginations of future generations,‬
‪As the words of the very best that came before us, have.‬

Naive To Be True

The naive two

Reached out to each other 

As their fingers touched

Sparks flew 

Like spiderwebs of a lighting strike 

And the equivalent of thunder rolled in their souls 

To awaken them from every other peripheral distraction

As their eyes met

And their pupils dilated in synchronicity 

All they could see was each other, and no other

Fulfilling a prophesy that each had been long foretold was their destiny to realise,

But seemed far fetched to believe,

And neither let go of the other 

Either then or now

For, if none of us are naive to begin with

None would be brave enough

To unlock the fairytale that life has in store for us.